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Developer notes:

The game is a mobile version of Auto Chess, being prepared by popular DOTA UseMap developers Drodo studios and Chinese publishers Dragonest and IMBA.

Editor notes

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"Auto Chess" 2019.05.14 Updates:

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自走棋 - TapTap玩家交流群:   1015269052


● Hard-working couriers in dota games live in a little island -- Drodo Island. Busy jobs do not prevent them from having fun themselves in spare time.
● A casino opened on Drodo Island recently, after the TD house and Rink! You can pick dota heros as your chesses and they will automatically fight for you on a 8*8 ches***oard.
● A guide '?' on topleft is for beginners.
● Please do not hesitate to contact if you have any suggestions.
● Please enter the game with x64 system.

Created by [Drodo Studio]
● Team: Cutey Pucky Nat Mouse Toto
● Type: Real-Time Strategy Game, Face Game
● Players: 1-8(Cloud battle mode for 1 player)
● Languages: English Schinese Tchinese

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2019.05.14 Updates
【New Updates】

1, Add team function, players can play in a team only on Casual Mode (休闲模式)

2, Add friend function, add friends by following

3. Add Casual Mode, ranked score will not effected under this mode.

4, Add beginner guide

5, Add share function

6, Add emoji function in chat, 4 free emojis to all

7, Add damage special effects, 1 free special effect to all

8, Add chat bubble function, 1 free bubble to all

9, Add team / private chat channel

10, Add "My Following" (我的关注) ranking

11, Add game ID one-click copy function

12. Add a brand new game lobby scene and interface

13. All chess players add 1 casual voice and 4 victory voices.

14, The gashapon added new reward: chess player skin *2, ches***oard skin *2, chat bubble *2, damage special effects *5, chat emojis *12

【Balance Adjustment】

This week's【强势阵容】(Top Build) is the Goblin build (the statistical data selection hot & win rate average score No.1)

This week's 【非强势阵容】(Bottom Build) is the Hunter build (the statistical data selection hot & win rate average score last one)

Goblin - 羁绊(3)(6) effect increase armor by 15 to increase armor by 12

Ripper (撕裂者) - Armor is adjusted from 6/8/10 to 5/7/9

Hunter - 羁绊(3)(6) effect “All hunter attack power increased by 30/40, and the 35%/45% chance 100% hit” to adjust to “All hunter attack power increased by 35/45, and 35%/ 45% chance 100% hit"

Dwarf Sniper (矮人火枪手) - Headshot (爆头) attack animation is adjusted from 1 second to 0.5 seconds

Dwarf Gyrocopter (矮人直升机) - Air Strike (空中打击) cooldown is adjusted from 10 seconds to 15 seconds

Dark Spirit (暗之灵) - The ratio of Blackhole (黑洞) pure damage is adjusted from 5%/7%/9% to 4%/6%/8%

Dark Spirit - Fixed 3 star Dark Spirit skill cooldown error

The Pirate Captain (海盗船长) - Ghost Ship (幽灵船) cooldown is balanced from 10/10/10 to 15/12/9

Purgatory Knight (炼狱骑士) - The basic HP is adjusted from 750/1500/3000 to 700/1400/2800.

Fallen Demon Hunter (堕落猎魔人) - The basic HP is adjusted from 650/1300/2600 to 700/1400/2800

Shadow Lord (暗影魔王) - Shadow Song (影之歌) damage is adjusted from 100/150/200 to 150/200/250


1. Optimize the login display of Longyuan (龙渊) account, and hide 4 digits in the middle of the mobile phone number.

2. Optimize model of 65 chess pieces

3, Optimize the chess player's movement

4, Optimize the chess piece's jump logic

5. Optimize the artistic performance of item combination button

6, Optimize the damage statistics panel

7. Modify the font color of the offensive player's nickname display, from dark white to bright white

8. When entering the preparation phase, the lens will zoom in slightly

9, The button of damage statistics interface is adjusted to a rounded square button

10, The effective click area of ​​item backpack is enlarged

11. When drag item, the dendritic combination interface will be temporarily hidden.

12. Add the MISS floating word hint when the attack is evaded

13. The text displayed during the round is slightly adjusted to the right.

14, The game player chat danmaku color is adjusted to blue

15. Optimize the demon's buff performance when multiple demons on ches***oard

16, Canceled the special effect of +1 gold coin on victory

17. Optimize some chess pieces illustrations in Gallery (图鉴)

18, Add double-click to enlarge the board function, the default is not open this function, can be switched on by setting

19, Add the setting button, the sale button can be set locate at the bottom left or bottom right, the default is bottom left

20, Add the setting button, the green dotted line can be set whether to display or not when dragging the chess piece, the default is to display

21, Add the setting button, players can set whether the pop-up damage statistics interface automatically starts at the beginning of battle phase, the default is to pop up


1. Fix the skill description error of "魔力之源"

2, Fix the skill description error of the "沙地之主"

3, Fix the devil race description error

4, Fix "禁忌猎魔人" skills will be effective for the skill immune unit

5, Fix error when under certain situation, the 逐风游侠、光鳞龙 and 龟甲长老 skills did not cause damage.

6, Fix the problem of Taunt (嘲讽) exists after 赤斧酋长 died

7. Fix the problem when dragging item, the backboard storage reach the indication of the combination condition (blue vertical bar) without hidden

8. Fix the problem when device is not charging, the game internal battery icon shows charging status problem.

9, Try to fix the selected part of combine item has a chance to freeze the game

10. Try to fix After combining chess pieces, the illustration does not unlock in the gallary

11, Try to fix the problem of lost model of the combination moment

12, Try to fix the problem of clicking feedback button in the game will crash the game

13, Try to fix the problem of chess pieces star tips and race & class tips appearing in the wrong place

14. Try to fix the problem that the data is used in default setting in the ranking panel in some cases

Detailed info

  • File Size : 328.00MB
  • Current Version : 0.1.6
  • Update Time :
  • Developer: 龙渊网络
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    一、註冊 非中國玩家註冊遊戲帳號 二、新手入門 入門指南影片 新手操作詳解 新手閱讀攻略必知!旗子稱號 三、各式技巧 推薦流派及進階操作介紹 人口升級技巧,成為高手必懂撇步

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    【GUIDE】How can I Login "Auto Chess" Game for Overseas User?

    Hi, Guys  Today, we'll show you how to Login to Auto chess Game for overseas user.  Many overseas users asked us questions! "How can I register Auto Chess? " because we don't have China Mobile Number!

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    嗨,這次跟大家講解海外玩家如何註冊《自走棋》。 自從遊戲開放預約以來,我們就一直收到玩家們來信詢問: 「我要怎麼註冊《自走棋》?我根本沒有中國的手機號碼呀!!!」 這邊我們將告訴大家,如何只用 E-mail 完成註冊手續。 # Step1:前往官方網站 • # Step 2. :選擇你的語言 # Step 3:點選註冊 # St

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