Are you apart of a DnD Adventurer's League Group? Do you want to have a simple way to organize all your awesome characters!? Do you want it to look awesome and be cooler than just a bunch of cobbled together tables? Then PrismScroll is the app for you! PrismScroll provides you with an interactive, digital Adventures League 5E sheet or totally manual custom sheet that you can fill out with all of the information that you would on a normal paper sheet.

- Easy to use, familiar, interactive DnD 5E character sheet
- Export your sheet to email for printing or to another person
- Quick and easy character creation
- All of the 5E Player's Handbook spells for your reference, no addition purchase required!
- Ability to share to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter
- Roll up to 8 dice (d4, d6, d8, d12, d20) at one time with our Dice Generator!
- The ability to create a homebrew sheet for all of your custom needs
- Create custom classes/races/backgrounds that can be used in the standard sheet that does all the work for you so you don't have to.
- A journal to take notes about the locations you visit, characters you meet, loot you plunder, quests you conquer, and all the events that happen in your dnd sessions!
- Level up features that guide you through the process of multiclassing, subclassing, increasing hitpoints, updating skills, and much more!

Download the app and help us build the best digital DnD Character Sheet Organizer to date!

Please contact us about improvements and suggestions! We are actively updating the app on a weekly basis. You can do so by leaving a review, contacting us through the support link, or checking out the @prismscroll Instagram or Twitter for updates.


Let us know what you think! We would love to hear from you and we thank you in advance:
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2. reviews, we always respond!
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Just a quick patch
1. The leveling above 20 bug was not totally resolved when you leveled up using the menu button. This should now be resolved... hopefully lol (@axman via facebook)
2. Added icons to the spell cards that you can press to see what classes know/can learn that spell (@Sean via email). We will be adding the book reference/page number reference a bit later. Scrolling is going to be slightly slower for a week or two, we need to reformat some of the data for spells but we will be back to normal in a week or 2.
3. Fixed a bug where when filtering by wizard/warlock, you were missing the first spell (sorted alphabetically (ex. Wizard was missing acid splash)











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