Bomb Strike - Non Stop Action

Bomb Strike - Non Stop Action



This is a story of old times when Kings and Kingdoms have to fight with different monsters and armies of enemies for the survival and for the power of the kingdoms. The survival war was very tough in those days due to lack of latest war weapons. The war were fought with swords and assassin soldiers. In the meantime a King with very small army has a build a new weapons for the survival war. First the empire build a great wall around its fort and city for the survival and them announce the war against the monsters and enemies.

The intense graphics and catchy story line is going to make your free time more thrilling. The gaming experience will take you to a whole new level of fun in this world fighting game of 2019. Now this is your target to the fort and your kingdom from these monsters and enemies. You have to survive the attacks from the different countries armies and from the monsters. So be ready for non stoppable war battle. Prepare yourself and fight till end. Commander. lead your army to the Conquest the world in World War III.

Features of Bomb Strike:
- Optimized for mobile device operating, smooth controlling and exciting battle sound, experience the console game shooter fun!
- Flexible artificial intelligence behavior so that each enemy is unique!
- Thrilling Action packed survival game with sniper mission!
- One man show
- Realistic and easy gameplay
- Smooth control and small size
- Latest weapons store
- More fun

The gameplay of this world war bomb strike game is very thrilling and adventurous. You will start the mission on the terrain of enemy in this game. Initially, you have a weapons in this frontline battle strike game 2019. The element of stealth will make it very easy to complete missions of this game. Even you are unarmed, you can kill your enemy in this one man commando game. All operations are very thrilling, you need to make a strategy to play this one man commando game. Because the enemy force you are dealing with is highly trained and professional in this game. Epic world war 3 real time strategy game for free!

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-New Missions-More Guns-Christmas Special Gift-Discover more into the game


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