World War Zombie

World War Zombie



The zombies have taken over the world. It's time to stop the zombies. Put your troops on the border of the city.Protect the city's border. You lose the war if the Zombies cross the border. Only you can save mankind.

An action-packed game awaits you. What can you do when the zombies are coming towards you? A professional knows what to do. Arm Your man and fight the zombie. Make sure you pick the right men for victory.

The World War Zombie game, which starts at an easy level, becomes increasingly difficult. What happens when it gets harder?
** More powerful zombies come.
** More zombies come.
** Zombies can come from all over.

Skip the episodes and fold the excitement. Don't be afraid we'll give your men weapons and mines to help you. By raising your men, you can stand without fear in the face of zombies. Make their move right. Save your money and strengthen the troops in your unit. The world trusts you...

Every soldier and weapon has a different mission. You have to choose the right man against the incoming enemy zombie. For example: It would be right to use a soldier with a chainsaw zombie. It's also a great idea to use mine. Remember! These zombies that surround the world have different characteristics.

Game features

* 40 different episodes
* There are a total of 80 sections including 2 different section options (easy/difficult)
* More than 8 soldiers with different powers and features
* 3 levels of troop upgrade capability
* The ability to upgrade troops during the battle
* 100% increase in health level of promoted soldier
* 10 Different Zombies
* Characteristics of enemies with different characteristics
* Console where you can see the characteristics of zombies
* Possibility to win more gold and gems
* There are options for obtaining new game rights.
* Great graphics
* Carefully designed coloring technique
* Excellent button technology
* One word of great survival challenge


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