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Isle of Bxnes



*** SUPER FOREVER SALE ***"An incredibly challenging hack-and-slash mobile game that will put you in tough situations not to win, but to minimize your level of failure. Yes, it's like its developers took XCOM, put it in a stone age setting and swapped the turn-based tactical combat with action sequences. And you know what? It works."
- Portable Gaming Region
"There's a lot to see and do in Isle of Bxnes, and you'll want to keep playing to uncover as much as possible - even when you're dying and losing it all consistently."
- Pocket Gamer

Survive the brutal trek east with your tribe in this bloody stone age action role playing game. Judge every encounter in these foreign lands and plan your attacks against beasts, cannibals and warring tribesman. Meanwhile, allocate resources to build a backup army of your offspring, knowing that just a few hits can leave you a lifeless pile of meat.
Inspired by the insanely difficult action rpgs of yesteryear with the session-based randomization of games today, this game features:
* Beautifully hand drawn pixel art and featuring thousands of animations
* Permadeath. Your tribe dies without you as their hunter.
* Reincarnation through your sons (who have randomly chosen skills, attack dmg and stamina)
* Level randomization each play session with a huge variety of enemies, non-hostiles & boss battles
* Unique tribes to choose from with a variety of skill paths to upgrade as you progress
* Tons of unique art and variety in inventory items and weaponry
* Choose how you want to allocate the limited resources you find while exploring islands
* No IAP or pay-to-win.

For support, please visit for FAQs and common questions.
If the game is running slow, there is a low graphics setting in the main menu that will improve performance. We recommend playing on a higher CPU device made after 2010.
Currently the game is only available on selected devices so that we can guarantee good performance. We apologize if your device is not included.

What's new

Version 7.8
- Continued tweaking on island progression bug
- Improved Battlecry's effect on enemies upon hit
Version 7.7
- Island progression bug fixed (addressed reports of being able to move raft on top of islands)
- Low graphics setting more effective
- Queen of the Maggots battle tweaked
- Joystick area increased for easier control

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