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Survival Hunter Mine Games



Confront danger with cunning first person shooting skills in Survival Hunter Mine Games. Running and shooting action awaits you in explosive pixel graphics. This cool modern block world shooter in a single player campaign boasts seven survival arenas where you will confront a variety of enemies, with timed maps that challenge you to beat the clock and earn permanent weapons, armor and damage. Collect daily rewards and wipe out foes with your epic blend of skill and arsenal of deadly goods. Precision aiming combined with a hide-and-seek 3D landscape creates the perfect recipe for disaster- whether it be yours or your enemies, it is up to you to decide...

A giant, fully stocked cruise ship leaves port for a long voyage with only a few people on board when the ship comes too close to the Bermuda triangle and are pulled into the unknown. Without an idea of what to expect, the crew braces themselves for the worst. As you enter, a terrible war rages on the large mysterious island where you wash up and you slip in under the radar upon docking in a discreet location. You, a skilled sniper on vacation, sneak off from the others and quickly discover that all the government's experiments are sent here to be studies and tested, and the reason no one is ever seen again after entering this sector - they are captured and detained or killed by the monsters the government has created. This new landscape is a minefield of troubles and you must navigate it skillfully and carefully if you hope to come out alive!

Top Game Features:
-Fist Fighting Combat
-Enemies Deal Higher Damage as Game Progresses
-Loading Screen Tips
-Daily Power-Ups
-Level Timers
Hunt Down Enemy Groups
-Defend and Destroy the Opposition
-Confront Armed Monsters, Ghoulish Creatures & Demon Armies

- Street Block
- Amusement Park
- Hospital Complex

Detailed info

  • File Size : 63.11MB
  • Current Version : C16.6
  • Update Time :
  • OS: 2.3.3及更高版本
  • Developer: Pixel Games Studio
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