Destroy The Tanks!
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Destroy The Tanks!




This is a game which operates a battery and destroys tanks.
It's simple, so there is no necessity to remember complicated operating method and rule at all.
This game is recommended for killing time.


Here is a quiet wasteland near the border with a neighboring country.
You spent bored days in a lookout post.

But, one day, a large amount of tanks appeared from the neighboring country.
Caterpillar sounds and shelling sounds resound in the wasteland.

You've been forced into a dangerous situation.
The weapon in your hand is only an old battery.

Destroy the tanks looming by operating the battery!!


Please destroy the tanks looming in the battery.
You lose if HP becomes zero.


Let's use a bomb When you become a cr*** situation.
When you use the bomb gives great damage to the enemy on the screen, and you can wipe out the enemy shells.
The bomb is available at the store or watching a video ad.

A yellow tank is dangerous equipped with the explosives.
Let's destroy it as soon as the yellow tank appeared.

View worsens at fog outbreak and midnight.
Let's be careful about the shells and the bodily crashes of the enemy.

Enemy shells will be able to shoot down.
Let's shoot down without panic even if enemy shells flew.


The battery that you operate is initially poor performance.
However, gradually raise the level by destroying the enemy tanks, will become stronger.
If you encounter a strong enemy, let's raise the level of the battery.

Even when the game is over, the level of the battery will be retained.
Each time the game is over, you do not need to re-raise the level from the beginning.
At the level of the time the game is over you can resume the game.

What's new

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Minor bug fixes

Detailed info

  • File Size : 52.29MB
  • Current Version : 1.0.2
  • Update Time :
  • OS: 4.0.3及更高版本
  • Developer: Samurai Wolf
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