Angry Shark Adventures 3D
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Angry Shark Adventures 3D



Angry Shark Adventures 3D
OM NOM NOM--get ready to munch away!

Let the underwater adventures begin! Rush into the sea and experience the ultimate shark simulation! In this free to play game, you are a ravenous sea shark come to terrorize waters. Slither through coral reefs and seabeds with petrifying eyes and teeth as sharp as knives! Most importantly, follow your instinct and hunt. Your field of choice is not limited under water but is vast on the beach. Find the tastiest-looking human and attack to your heart’s desire! Scour out other prey like sea monsters and fish, and dolphins. Attack boats and ski jets. Create HAVOC with your massive jaws!

In addition, compete with other hunters for prey. Get to them before your enemies, and complete your hunt before you get hunted yourself! Choose from an array of awesome shark types to see which one can remain the King of the Ocean.

Angry Shark Adventures 3D Features:
•Realistic Beach and Aquatic environments
•Multiple Missions packed with Hunting Thrill
•Multiple Shark textures to Choose from
•Smooth, Easy & Addictive gameplay
•Real water physics, cool Shark swimming and animations
•Beautifully crafted 3D graphics: including beaches, sea life, docks and the open sea
•Fun joystick simulator controls
•Awesome Visuals and sound Effects

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• Realistic Beach environments
• Multiple Missions packed with Hunting Thrill
• Multiple Texture of Shark to Choose from
• Smooth, Easy & Addictive gameplay
• Real water physics, cool Shark movements and animations
• Beautifully crafted 3D graphics and realistic water environments: including beaches, docks and the open sea
• Fun joystick simulator controls to make the Shark swim and attack
• Amazing sea life animations
• Exciting Sharks missions for you to create chaos

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