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Sakura Goldfishing



Realistic, graceful goldfish. Gentle ripples across the water's surface. Cherry blossoms signaling spring's mellow onset... Sakura Goldfishing shines with visual beauty unequaled by other apps.
Make your choice from a colorful selection of 15 breeds of goldfish and 8 environs, embracing your inner Zen.

2 all new modes tailored to different skill levels:

- Normal Mode
A relaxing mode geared towards beginner goldfishers. No time limit and you get a total of 3 scoops. Use them all up, and it's game over. You'll get a new scoop once your current one breaks, but you can also tap the top left button (shows number of scoops left) to manually switch to a fresh one.

-Contest Mode
1 minutes, 1 scoop—just like a real Japanese Goldfishing contest. This is a 1-scoop-only mode aimed towards advanced goldfishers. The game ends once the time limit expires. Hone your goldfishing skills on Normal Mode before trying your luck here!

- Score Attack
Swiftly scoop goldfish into the bowl to chain a combo and boost your score. Snag enough fish by the time your combo ends to beat the stage and fully restore your scoop. Break your combo too early though, and your scoop will break. Stay sharp!

Goldfishing Mode:

- Play with the iPhone parallel to the ground.

- Touch any location and move your finger to control the on-screen scoop.
(*Touch and drag the wooden bowl to move it.)

- When the scoop is directly above a fish, tilt the iPhone quickly to the left or right to scoop it up.
(*If using tap controls, simply tap the scoop's left/right side to scoop in that direction.)
(*You can't scoop over the wooden bowl.)

- When you have a fish on your scoop, move it over to the wooden bowl while keeping the iPhone balanced so the fish doesn't fall. When over the wooden bowl, tilt the iPhone to drop it in.

- The scoops are made of paper and will eventually break. You can continue to use the scoop until this happens.

Zen Mode:

- Scroll to any part of the screen by skimming your finger along the water.

- Touch the surface of the water to create ripples and channel your inner Zen.

- Use the button on the bottom right to switch between "Ripple Mode" and "Fish Feeding Mode."

* Touch the button at the bottom left of the screen while in Zen Mode or Goldfishing Mode to display the Pause Menu.

* Use "pinch" gestures to zoom in and out.

Gameplay Hints:

- If you keep the iPhone tilted to the left or right while moving your scoop, you can keep it underwater while you move.

- The scoop is more likely to break if you put the fish directly in the middle of it.

- Once you have a fish on your scoop, try and get it to the wooden bowl as quickly as possible.

- When your scoop starts to break and becomes hard to use, you can press the number of remaining scoops displayed at the top left of the screen to immediately switch to a new one.

- Scooping more goldfish unlocks new environs under Options.

- Real Mode simulates the challenge of real goldfish scooping, with scoops that can tear easily. Take your time and use the edge of the scoop to quickly yet carefully move fish to the bowl.

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- Support iOS9

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