Superluminal - A Universe Sandbox
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Superluminal - A Universe Sandbox



Build your empire and discover new worlds with infinite freedom.

The goal of this sandbox like game is to expand humanity to 1 trillion people by developing technologies, building human colonies and expanding far across the galaxy. A procedurally generated universe allows you to explore 16 galaxies, 64.000 star systems, 300.000+ planets and expand to over 150 trillion people.

Gameplay relies on your ability to balance resources by either buying resource specific systems or technologies. Each planet and star has descriptions detailing their properties and usefulness.

- Procedurally generated star systems from a starting seed
- Over 250 High Definition planet and star textures
- Each planet and star has its own description
- Sandbox mode spans up to 16 galaxies
- Tech tree with 24 science upgrades

So explore, learn and conquer, because the human race depends on it.

*** Note ***
This app was designed to run on iPad and is optimized for it's performance. Older devices cannot run this app and it is advised to close all other applications while running for the smoothest experience.
*** This is more of a sandbox than a game so sit back and enjoy the wonders that space has to offer! ***

What's new

- Added Tutorial
- Added Facebook Link
- Major Bug Fixes

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