Eye speed test
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Eye speed test



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Eyes speed? There is no common vision test.
Do I have a visual acuity faster than other people?

★★ achieve the 3rd place of the All Korean App Store ★★
Achieve the 6th place of the All App Store in Japan!
Eye speed test users have downloaded 400,000-
Korean board game ranking 1st place (6.28 to 7.15)

★ ★Update 4000 coin bonus★ ★
If you download, as a bonus will be 4000 coins.
The coin is used for background or item, in the training mode.

▶ What is Eyes speed?

A rapidly moving object or character in the blink of an eye
Has been referred to as "Eyes speed" sight see.

▶ Permitting Eyes speed , What will help in everyday life?

Can be read at a glance, please read the billboard signs too of the building when not riding the bus.
When you fight, if you prefer dynamic visual acuity, it is advantageous to avoid.
Even when playing baseball, a hitter, is a good dynamic visual acuity.
Also reading, it is useful also cheating.

▶ Do i develop the Eyes speed?

Application of Eyes speed test, in order to cultivate a Eyes speed
This game was designed.
Object before there is a screen pass over the direction of the four
Click on the arrow keys to its direction.
Since more and more quickly, to measure the dynamic visual acuity.

▶ Training mode?

To grow a little more systematically, there is a training mode.
You can test the operation speed of each level to another.
And to achieve 100% to another level, it changes the shape of the eye on the main screen.
When you achieve 100% at all levels will be recorded in the Hall of Fame.

▶How much fast my Eyes speed?

Depending on test scores, evaluation of their visual acuity has come out.
In the Game Center, and there is a world ranking system.
Women there is a record, another male.
Please to compete they belong to what percentage of the world.

Baseball players in Japan is a good Eyes speed
Vehicles passing through the side of 300km / s speed
You are able to identify the face of the driver.

What's new

Various bug fixes
4,000 coin bonus payments during the update

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  • Developer: Saioin Cho
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