Last Warship - No Man's Sea

Last Warship - No Man's Sea



- Build your fleets to continue the human civilization.
- Explore an world of zombie apocalypse with your allies.
- Real-world vessels of stunning visual accuracy.
- Make smart moves to dominate the seven seas!

Death lurks at the perilous sea where zombie-controlled fleets are everywhere. Courage, resourcefulness and hope are everything you need to survive.

Last Warship is a naval-themed mobile MMO strategy game set in a world of zombie apocalypse. A zombie outbreak spreads in the world, plaguing every piece of land on the planet. Human beings set out for the sea in the hope of survival by establishing naval bases there. At the same time, the only goal of mankind is to build powerful fleets to reclaim the sea areas occupied by these mutant creatures. One day, mankind will return to land.

In Last Warship, you will meet friends and foes from every corner of the world. They were greeting you with smiling faces, and the next second they come to plunder your resources with strong fleets. You have to survive all the chaos and craziness in this zombie apocalypse.

Become the sole dominator in the apocalypse.


**Zombie apocalypse at sea**
Mankind lost the land and retreat to the sea due to the outbreak of weird virus. They build naval bases and fleets in a world of cr*** and opportunities alike. These mutant creatures never stopped invading the living space of mankind. In a world of chaos and war, will humanity survive this catastrophe?

**Aircraft base development**
Build your very own aircraft carrier base and aircraft carrier battle groups. Explore a sea of darkness alongside your allies. Search for more resources and plunder more enemies! Fight zombie hordes and become a real commanding officer.

**Real-world vessels**
Last Warship features well-known vessels from Britain, United States and the Soviet Union, as well as concept vessels from many other countries. The vessels have been modeled in 3D very carefully, with attention paid towards visual accuracy to satisfy even the most hard-core military fans.

**Genre-defining MMO strategy game**
Tens of thousands of players join this war against zombies each day. Maritime supremacy calls for strategy and wisdom. It’s not only about killing. You have to look at the bigger picture to win the war!


Fixed some bugs.


  • 文件大小 : 62.82MB
  • 當前版本 : 1.0.32
  • 更新時間 :
  • 系統: 2.3.3及更高版本
  • 廠商: Dragonest











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