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MahJong Nagomi



"Mah-jong Nagomi" is a mah-jong of a Japanese rule.

The feature of this game is drawing by 3D, and application of minor hand.
Of course, there is a past, general hand, too.
Moreover, Japanese can be switched to an English display by "Config".
The game progresses to the tempo well though the computer is not so strong by an speedy idea.

There is "Nagomi mode" as a defeat element.
The distribution tile is operated by collecting the lucky gauge in this mode.
And, it becomes possible to put out a higher hand.

Game function
- CPU idea that doesn't do cheat
- The rule setting change is possible.
- When being start next time even if the application program is ended, the play can be restarted.
- A past record confirmation is possible.
- The switch of English and Japanese is possible.
- The operation of tile discard can select two kinds + by the setting.
- The sight can be changed while playing a game.

Rule that can be set
- Change in number of rounds(2-4-8 round)
- An initial bones can be set.(10000 - 50000)
- Setting of presence:Red bonus tile
- Setting of presence:"All simples" with meld
- Setting of presence:"Three consecutive triplets"
- Setting of presence:"Humanly hand"
- Setting of presence:"Garbage discards"
- Setting of presence:"Great wheel"
- Setting of presence:"Four consective triplets"
- Setting of presence:"Red peacock"
- Setting of presence:"Big seven star"
- Setting of presence:"13 unrelated tiles"

Additional information
ver 1.0.7 Update
-Add more games info.

ver 1.0.6 Update
-Fixed the character string displaying bug occurred on iPad installing iOS7.

ver 1.0.5 Update
- Some Bug fix
- Retina Display support
- iOS4 Multitasking support

ver 1.0.4 Update
- Some Bug fix
- Update Meld skip
- Add new tile design

ver 1.0.3 Update
- Some Bug fix
- Add screen rotation, Red table etc.

ver 1.0.2 Update
- Kong freez Bug fix

ver 1.0.1 Update
- COM Thinking Wait Setting(In Pause):Wait Bar
- Pung/Chow/Kong Skip Switch(In Play):SKIP ON/OFF

What's new

Add more games info.

Detailed info

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  • Developer: zoo
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