VR Extreme Roller Coaster Tycon Pro
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VR Extreme Roller Coaster Tycon Pro



Extreme Roller Coaster Simulator is one of the most addictive game in roller coaster games with it’s high speed ride. Feel the thrill of excitement through different tracks and environments. Roller coaster tracks are very challenging with their sharps turns, intersections and ups downs. Take control, start your ride through three different environments like mountains, city and snowy surroundings and slow down your speed on turns and sharp intersections. All the environments are very realistic and you will enjoy a thrilling ride. Catch the line and drop down from the skies to earth and take flight from the earth to skies. Speed of the roller coaster will increase your excitement. A flying journey through space and hot air ballons in the air.
Extreme Roller Coaster Tycoon Features:
. Three different environments like mountains, city and snow
. Eye catching environments
. Dynamic sound effects and music
. Smooth track and easy to play
. Use accelerator to start, speed up and slow down
. Different angles and various camera views
. Numerious levels to ride and enjoy in space
. Rotation of 360 degree
. Enojy the advance features

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