Oops! Bubble Tea


「Oops! Bubble Tea」以台灣手搖珍珠奶茶為題材;在遊戲中,玩家將經營自己的珍珠奶茶小舖,遊走在世界各地販賣著來自台灣的珍珠奶茶、炸雞排等台灣特色美食以及多樣在地化的美食,並拓展自己的事業版圖研發更多美味!

「Oops! Bubble Tea」結合了觸碰與體感的操作方式。大部分餐點以觸碰的方式操作,但在製作特色餐點-珍珠奶茶時,需要真的以搖動手持裝置的方式來操作,彷彿就像真的在搖動shake杯製作飲料的感覺;趕快來認識來自台灣的美食、體驗台灣特有的手搖茶文化吧!


Use games to promote true Taiwanese flavor!

“Oops! Bubble Tea” is based on hand-shaken bubble tea from Taiwan; in the game, players get to operate their own bubble shop tea, travel around the world to sell bubble tea, fried chicken filet and other Taiwanese foods from Taiwan while expanding the scope of business to come up with even more delicious foods!

“How to play”
“Oops! Bubble tea” incorporates control methods of touch and movement. Most foods will be made through touching but when making specialty item – Bubble tea, it requires shaking actual hand-held device, it makes the experience feel just like making hand-shaken tea; come to learn more about the various gourmet foods from Taiwan and experience Taiwan’s very own hand-shaken tea culture!

Special characteristics
As each stage is passed, it not only offers opportunities to make more Taiwanese food and drinks, it also allows opportunities to make foods from other parts of the world.

※ Once a zone is completed, it leads to a new zone. It not only leads to experience other cultures but also brings the expectation of special guest appearance.

※ Once designated sales number is reached, a stage is then completed. Other than challenging sales number of expert level, it also earns the admiration of others.

※ With the tips received in each stage, it allows upgrade of food preparation equipments and that makes you easier to reach expert-level sales number.

※ Players get to upload scores of challenge mode to online chart, this gives others a chance to admire you and to challenge you.

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