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TTA (Tap Tap Adventure) is a massively multiplayer online gaming experience set in the medieval times. Play along other players in the quest to defeat enemies and to become the best. Discover new weapons, accessories, areas & unlock all the achievements in a 2D retro experience!


- Hundreds of monsters to battle
- Many weapons and armours to discover
- Over 25 achievements to fully discover the game
- Awesome tunes to listen through your adventure
- Cross-platform compatibility

What's new

- Changes towards the interface
- Fixes issues with the achievements scroll
- Issue regarding keyboard not displaying properly resolved
- Minor map issues fixed
- Combat overlay now shows how much exp you gained
- Weapon enchantments now have a greater effect on your damage output
- Most caves are now PVP
- Updated Credits
- Character Menu no longer shows a sword when no sword is being wielded
- Username, password and music settings are now saved
- Fixed a bug causing a player's sword to disappear upon death
- Fixed an issue where a player would be stuck after death
- First entry now presents instructions
- Quick instructions added upon first entry
- Slower devices automatically resort to side-scroller mode
- Achievement icon now blinks when a new achievement is found

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