Hill Climb sports car
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Hill Climb sports car



Hill climb racing - one of the most exciting entertainment ever created games driving games. The game is available as a hacked games, and thus is free for everyone! Friv (Take a break from work!) - One of the mottos of the time killer.Meet Newton Bill (Bill Nye), a young novice conqueror of mountain roads. He's going to perform the impossible - to travel there, and no one ever even thought to go. Moreover, travel on these routes was considered absolutely impossible. However, after watching an old scientific and educational transfer Bill Nye and slightly upgraded its technology park, Newton Bill even ready to conquer the moon.
Hill climb racing - a symbiosis of racing games at a distance and motor skills and puzzle.
Keep an eye on the fuel level!
The main task of the game - in the mountains by car to keep balance, preventing it turning, adhering to the maximum Ability to control speed (driving). If the car turn over - your pilot will die and the game will be over. So take care of Bill Newton neck. Like many other car games - you have a limited supply of fuel, but you can always pour a full tank, found one of the canisters, scattered along the route.
Driving takes place by means of two pedals: gas and brake. On the ground, they allow you to accelerate and brake, and the car to maneuver in the air.
Depending on the game world to turn the car will be easier or more difficult, therefore, to facilitate the passage of the level recommended to choose different types of vehicles: from the Hill Climb sports car before hoverboard. Also, consider the power of the engine of your vehicle, because of this It depends - if you can get up the hill or not. In each car its own advantages and different style of management. So, Hill Climb sports car will be fast, with less controlled when jumping and hoverboard will be stable in the pits, but no improvements on it will be difficult stop by the high slope.
In this car games it is possible to upgrade existing vehicles. For the modernization of the need to collect coins, which are charged according to the results of each game race. In fact, the very purpose of the game is driving as far as possible and thereby to earn as many coins as possible. At the same time more powerful and tune your car - the further you walk. You get more coins if while jumping will make special tricks (example flip).
When the graphics are not important
When you first run the hacked games, you will not see perfectly-drawn graphics and realistic. However, this is not the main ridge of the game. During gameplay, you can be sure that will delay you for a long time, you can even count the animated drawing of gameplay fun and relevant. If you are a supporter of the ideal definition graphics and drawing every minute element - this game is not for you.
Suitable for old phones
With the advent of ever more powerful devices, existing users have no choice how to search for games that are appropriate for their phones and tablets. Hill climb racing is one of the few in the mountains by car racing games, which run on phones older than two years.
The main advantages:
- in the game you will find an incredible number of different vehicles (beginning from bicycle and finishing tank);
- game is adaptive and is suitable for screens with different resolutions;
- there are many options for upgrading your purchased vehicles (volume of the fuel tank, suspension, wheels, engine power, etc.);
- fun physics objects. Sometimes in the process of upheaval, you do not always understand how behaves your car;
- Each level - is a completely new location with a unique landscape, and the force of attraction (the village, the moon, Martian desert, snow, etc.);
- in the game has the ability to take screenshots of the achievements of mind-blowing tricks.
Friv! - Take a break from their cases and concerns, along with thousands of fans hill climb racing, one of the few truly unique driving games!

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  • File Size : 36.66MB
  • Current Version : 1.0.4
  • Update Time :
  • OS: 2.3及更高版本
  • Developer: NikolaApps
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