100 doors World Of History 3
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100 doors World Of History 3



100 Doors World of History 3 is a challenging logic puzzle game similar to 100 Doors, 100 Floors, Escape from the Rooms and Hidden Objects.
The first two parts of this game have proved to be really popular among logic puzzle games fans that are fond of completing quests, hacking locks and unlocking doors.
100 Doors World of History lineup is designed in a historical style and full of historical moments. This part of the game plunges you into an adventure where you discover American Old West with its cowboys, a pirate ship, ancient world of the Aztecs, medieval Rus and modern America.

So how does the game work?
The main task of each level is to unlock the door which requires you to solve a puzzle or pass a logic quest or a mini-game. At some levels you should move or shake your gadget to make something move or fall out. At other levels you will find hidden objects and use them to complete the quest. We can guarantee that all the quests are interesting and for each task there is a solution, sometimes it is simple, another time you need to think about it, use your wits and logic to find the clue.

Who is this game for?

This game is for people who are fond of questing, solving logical puzzles and unlocking doors.
This game consists of 100 levels – 100 doors.
Fans of 100 doors game genre love these games because downloading one logic game you get 100 logic mini-games and quests. And this game is not an exception. It contains games for the whole family: logic games, puzzles, mini-games, brain teasers, jigsaw, thinking games and quests. You don’t need the Internet to play this game as you can play offline.

So let’s make a conclusion!

If you like logic games, puzzles, mini-games, brain teasers, jigsaw, thinking games and quests, if you are looking for free games and games that can be played without the Internet (offline), if you are 100 Doors, 100 Floors, Escape from the Rooms games fan, if you want to have a great time expanding your mind, completing logic tasks and quests we are happy to inform you – You have found what you need! Download this game and you will be satisfied!


If you fail to cope with any level we are here to help you!
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You can also SKIP ANY LEVEL (free of charge) and get back to it later!


Gripping puzzles and quests!
Hidden objects!
Full use of all the options of your gadget (shaking, moving and leaning)!
Nice 3D graphics!
100 doors – 100 quests!
Gripping tasks!
All 100 Doors games can be played offline, without the Internet.
Skip levels for FREE!
The game is FREE!

If you like the game, remember to appreciate it at its true worth – 5 stars! It’s really important for us!

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Detailed info

  • File Size : 44.18MB
  • Current Version : 1.9
  • Update Time :
  • OS: 2.3及更高版本
  • Developer: OAS developer
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