Music Work Out
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Music Work Out



Listen, learn and memorize - A memory app Music Work Out with music

instruments, symbols and much more!


A fun and educational app for children and adults.

With note values, rests and music symbols as well as an extensive range of high

quality audio sequences, Music Work Out Memory App will test your memory and

auditory sense in a new and exciting way!

Play the game, turn the cards and

* Listen to the tunes of a dreamy harp or a playful saxophone, learn the names

of the different instruments. Classical and contemporary.

* Watch, listen and learn to distinguish the different note values and rests.

* Learn music expression terms such as “crescendo” or “diminuendo” listening

to the orchestral sequences.

* Match instruments, notes and music symbols that become more complex as

you complete each stage in this stand-alone game from Music Work Out.

Win by matching all the pairs in the deck – it’s a great, new way to have fun learning


Music Work Out Memory App contains:

High quality recordings of classical and contemporary music instruments and

countless cards with notes, rests and music symbols in general.

2 ways play:

* Play visual & audio – every card shows an instrument or symbol and is

accompanied by its own audio sequence.

* Play with only audio – listen to the audio sequences and determine the

instrument, note, rest or symbol on the card.

3 different decks of Music Work Out cards with:

* Classical music instruments.

* Contemporary music instruments.

* Music symbols, note values and rests.

How to play:

* Choose to play with or without visuals, pick 1 of 3 game modes and a deck


* Turn the Music Work Out cards in your deck, listen to the audio sequences,

and match music symbols, notes and sounds of numerous, diverse music

instruments. Every audio sequence is recorded and performed by professional


* Unlock new cards and difficulties by progressing through the game.

* Increase the difficulty by adding cards to your deck or by playing without


* Easy to play, hard to master - play games with instrumental decks up to 40

cards and the music symbols deck up 80 cards!

* Win each game by matching all the pairs in the deck using only your memory

and auditory sense.

Music Work Out Memory App is designed for:

* iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad users.

* Music students of all ages.

* Music teachers of all kinds.

* Anyone interested in learning more about music!

What's new

- Bug Fixes
- Change of UI

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