EscapeGame Dr.Ichie Challenge
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EscapeGame Dr.Ichie Challenge



Escape game
Dr. Ichie's letter of the CALLENGE!

Dr.Ichie which projects the world conquest!
Dr.Ichie bothered many plans for you.
Dr.Ichie where many plans were disturbed by you
I show a tusk to you at last!
... that you who were caught by Dr.Ichie have been shut in a room!
Can you escape from the trap of Dr.Ichie?

How to play (^ ^) /-----------------------------

[Tap] it's checked.
A tap do a doubtful place, please.

[Arrow tap] movement
When a tap does an arrow in left and right, a screen can change and move.

[Item] -> [doubtful place tap]
When an item is acquired, it's kept in the item list in the bottom.When a tap does the item you'd like to use, and a tap does appropriate

[Item]->[magnifying glass] item details
An item, when a tap chooses, and makes some magnifying glass buttons the right.Details of an item can see.
※ It's possible to choose and use a different item on the item in-depth screen.

[Gear button] (system button)
A sound effect and BGM can be controlled.A language can be also changed.
But,...... is quite doubtful for English....

After downloading a game by some model, when a game is begun for the first time.
It may take time for a load of an asset (the data of a picture).A logo of "unity" may be indicated lengthily.That it's long, several minute...
When you wait a moment, a game begins.
please restart of a game or carrying in a too long case, it starts smoothly.
(There are no these loads by the 2nd time of game play.)
Please, I think when you'd accept it.

A game is light-weight and easy and I'm aiming at a thick thing.
I'll also advance game making everybody can enjoy comfortably.
Thank you...and...sorry my English...(>

Detailed info

  • File Size : 90.17MB
  • Current Version : 1.08
  • Update Time :
  • OS: 4.0.3及更高版本
  • Developer: BIANCO-BIANCO app
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