TaikooGo is an educational mobile application developed and curated by Swire Properties. Using real-time GPS location tracking, players can discover checkpoints to complete interactive, mini-game challenges through which they can learn about the biodiversity, history and heritage of the Taikoo Shing and Quarry Bay area.

This app is designed particularly for children and their parents, and through the “treasure hunt” game play, encourages people to explore the local neighborhood and community whilst exercising (legs and brains!)


1. Treasure hunt: Participants will be assigned 3 to 6 checkpoints, in which they will need to locate a special QR code to activate a mission. Once they complete the mission, they will be able receive a collectible card displaying various plants, animals or heritage sites around Taikoo Shing and Quarry Bay. Participants are encouraged to take part in the game regulary in order to collect as many cards as possible.

2. Health and wellness: As steps and walking distance are recorded during each treasure hunt, participants can review a record of their journeys and closely monitor their healthy achievements. They can also take a selfie after each game and share it on their social media profiles to update their friends.

3. Donation: After each journey, participants can choose a Swire Properties NGO partner to donate to. Swire Properties will then, on behalf of the player, donate $10 to the NGO of their choice.

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Minor bug fix and improvements.

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  • File Size : 57.99MB
  • Current Version : 1.2.3
  • Update Time :
  • OS: 4.1及更高版本
  • Developer: Swire Properties Limited
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