Why did the chicken cross the road? A timeless mystery, solved once and for all by ... Cluck It!

Representing the pinnacle of road crossing action, Cluck It! combines easy to learn controls with over 50 levels. Can you master eight lanes of high speed challenge?

#1 Paid App in Mexico!
#1 Arcade Game in Kuwait!
#3 Arcade Game in Hong Kong!
#5 Family Game in Australia!
"This game is highly addictive and enjoyable which makes a dangerous combination." - App Inspectors
"you can't go wrong with this one." - ImNoSuperMan
"I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the single touch/button approach ... it worked so well and added a fascinating strategy element." - Azahru

- Get the baby chicks to school on time.
- Amazingly easy to learn single touch controls.
- But don't get boxed in, and watch out for roadworks!

- 50 levels to unlock in 5 chapters, from 2 easy lanes, to 8 lanes of ludicrous speed!
- 5 "Star" Levels you'll want to play over and over.
- Re-play your favorite chapter to improve your score.
- Hood Hop for bonus points by crossing in front of cars.
- Chain Hood Hops for even more bonus points.
- But don't run out of time while playing chicken!

- Play in-game music, or music from your library.
- Saves progress and tracks scores across each level.

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