US Army Training Academy Game
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US Army Training Academy Game


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Enter US Army Training military academy, follow the sergeant commands. Step into combat that will leads you to clear physical and mental training.

Enjoy this newest action game with basic battle training over different army posts. Enter in boot camp get online with first call for military Academy. Pursue the chain of command over rough ground. Your uniform is your dignity wear it with pride and honor. Don’t let mud marks and stains dishonored you in front of your superiors. It is normally known as boot camp and is the program of physical and mental exercise. It is required in order for you to become a soldier in the US Army, US Army Reserve, or Army National Guard. The challenge comes as much from the difficulty of physical training as it does from the psychological adjustment to a hard way of life.

Dare to clear assault course army basic training and become a soldier. Step into shoes of a commando one man army see how tough is to step up from ordinary to extraordinary. Test your physical fitness and mental disciplinary level by playing this obstacle base fun game. It’s not easy to become soldier as national guard. Starting from schedule you live your life by it. You have to be at the ground at 5 o clock in the morning for physical training. Life threatening situations would make you see your death so closely that you won’t fear it anymore in the battle field against the enemy. Clear intense rigorous assault course. You have to jump over ten foot fence swim in frosty frozen conditions and climbing grid in barren region heat.

Complete intense obstacle course and follow chain of command from platoon instructors. It is all about being from ordinary to extraordinary by travelling the hardest of the paths leading to the goal and that is to be a champ in the force. Clear military training camp by passing the commando battalion test in this action filled simulator game. Some mad and crazy guy can pull this nut job but a normal person can’t. Become one man army and face world armed forces to prove which country army forces are best.

To be a hero, you got pass through all this tough training session. Become a soldier, prove your fighting, shooting, weaponry & driving skills competing with the forces and make the nation proud.

US Army Training Academy Game Features
Interesting Game Play
Smooth and intuitive controls
Stunning & High Quality 3D Graphics
Thrilling and challenging Missions
Real military Academy Environment
Realistic Training of climbing, jeep driving, plowing, jumping & shooting

Detailed info

  • File Size : 46.21MB
  • Current Version : 1.3
  • Update Time :
  • OS: 2.3及更高版本
  • Developer: 3D Games Village
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