Cat Walk Town
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Cat Walk Town




Royal animals - Even animals have their king that will rule the Animazia - protected land of animals.

Start a game in Animazia with a single chicken passing happily over the screen. Soon your only chicken will get few pet friends, like cats, dogs, sheep and many more. Your job is to protect them at all cost, to feed them when they are hungry and to heal them when they are wounded. You must never go to sleep cause your royal animals are waiting for you to give them sanctuary.

Are you up to the job? Will you keep your animals safe and therefore earn money, that you will gladly spend on upgrades that will bring even more comfort to the animals? We will see if you are the right man for the job. But most important is that you keep you animal kingdom full of animals. By full we mean a horde, a swarm or even greater number of animals should be in your possession. This is the only way you will win this fantastic animal game. The bad guy in the game is the hunter. Hunter can wound the animals so they stop running happily on the field of grass. So it's up to you to protect them from the evil guy. You will have all the necessary tools to do that, like guard house, extra powerful tap hits and many more things.

When you reach a certain number of you little pet game, then it will be a good time to build a animal zoo exchange where you can trade few of regular animals into a royal one. Royals are animals that bring you more money that you ever imagined. Now you will be able to finish all the upgrades, build all the buildings and prosper in the game like nobody else. Those are happy moments and your mission will be at the end. As soon as you have 200 royal lions, 100 royal cats and some other animals you will be called the Keeper of the Animals - The ultimate royal pet keeper.

For easy start we prepared a nice fluid tutorial with awesome missions that will guide you through your journey. Animals will love you as we love you for playing our animal game. We wish you good luck and gods speed.

With nice music, sound effects and amazing graphics we hope you will love our game and maybe someday animals will give royal status to you back.

Animazia will be your land too - with rare species that only you will have. For you we have prepared wild animals like: funny chicken, kitty cats, crazy dogs, smart sheep, workaholic donkey, slow horse and lazy lion, and a few more that would need to remain a surprise.

Thank you for everything - let us know any thoughts on the game, and please stay in contact.

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We are trying to make this game better and better.

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  • File Size : 20.56MB
  • Current Version : 5.0.5
  • Update Time :
  • OS: 2.3及更高版本
  • Developer: Edenap
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