AfroCat-Cute and free pet game

AfroCat-Cute and free pet game

爆炸头猫(AfroCat) ◆可爱且免费的宠物游戏



Cute and funny!
Care for your very own pet cat and show your friends!
Help your cat grow in to a multitude of hilarious evolutions!
More addictive that mail, chat, or forums! Kill your free time with this free collection game!◆ Addictive, feel-good actions!
Your cat loves to play with its woolen ball! Harvest wool from your sheep in one fell swoop!
Bzz, bzz, bzz! It feels so good!
◆ Exciting Evolutions!
A butler, a pilot, and many more characters…
Familiar hair styles and motifs abound! There are so many different looks!
◆ Complete your collection!
There are 20 different cats to be unlocked!
Change the items in the cat's room to change its appearance!
Feel the satisfaction of completing your collection with a full achievements and trophy system!
◆ Take care of your kitty each day!
Don't leave your cat for too long; if you don't play with your cat it will get bored and become distant!
Sometimes you'll need to clean the toilet out; be sure to look after your cat well!
Simple game system!
Not that good at action games? Don't worry; this light game is so easy to pick up!
Great for kids and adults of all ages; the healing feeling of looking after a virtual kitty is simple for anyone!
◆ How to raise your cat ◆
○ 1
Your cat loves to play with its ball!
First, shave your sheep in the field to get wool!
Use Supa-Gro Tonic to increase the speed your sheep grow wool!
○ 2
Return to the room and tap the ball!
Your cat will excitedly run and play with the ball!
If you run out of wool, head back to the field to shave some more!
○ 3
Play with your cat!
Petting your cat and using the cat tower gains you PP (Pet Points) that allow you to buy new items for your cat's room!
○ 4
Change out items in the room!
Use PP to buy items for your cat's room, and even new room styles!
Change around the items in the room, get your cat to play with its woolen ball, and eventually…?!
○ 5
…your cat will evolve!
Change the items in the room and play with the ball to make your cat level up!
There are lots of funny and surreal evolutions! Try to find them all!
◆ Recommended for ◆
Filling the gap on the commute to school or work, waiting for the train or bus…
Want to have your own pet but can't? Why not keep a Kitten!
People wanting the relaxation gained from owning a pet; take a break!
ESPECIALLY if you love afros!
Anyone wanting to play a free game!
The Afro series of games has proven to be popular with men, women, boys, and girls alike!
Share the funny pictures on Twitter, Facebook, or LINE!
Did you enjoy collecting Hamsters, Alpacas, Mushrooms, and other Funghi? Remember those Tamagotchis from the 90s? You're in for a treat!


What's new

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ver 1.2.0--------
- "Omikuji", a lottery that tells you your daily fortune is released!
ver 1.1.0--------
- Get a lot of PP and Supa-Gro with the new “Treasure Box” Item!
- Fixed freeze bug when trying to move to the garden.
- Minor bug fixes.

Detailed info

  • File Size : 45.60MB
  • Current Version : 1.2.1
  • Update Time :
  • OS: 2.3.3及更高版本
  • Developer: Nobollel Inc.
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