Cops N Robbers (FPS): 3D Pixel

Cops N Robbers (FPS): 3D Pixel

像素射击 - Cops N Robbers(测试版)

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1. Account
Although the game is in beta state, your data will be permanent as long as you have bound an account. So please choose "Account Login" or bind account in time! (You may lose data when choose "Guest Login".)
The username does not support retrieval, and the password can be modified through the bound email.
For data security, please don't share your account with other players.

2. ID
The game ID is a string of numbers. It is unique and important. If you have some problems, please provide your ID when you contact us.

3. Feedback
You can contact us in the following two ways. Our official QQ is 3193503879. Our official email address is

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Cops N Robbers 官方交流群:  661519382

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  • English
  • Traditional Chinese
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  • Korean
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The most popular pixel style gun shooter game with pocket edition is online. Custom skins, weapons, maps, armors, block style graphics...Bring you epic FPS game experience.

Cops N Robbers (FPS): 3D Pixel is one of 3D multiplayer shooting games developed by JoyDo Entertainment. Warfare is ubiquitous! Pick up your gun to shoot and strike enemies and try best to survive! Download it and battle now! Fighting with friends all around the world now!

1. Multiplayer support.
2. Eight game modes: Stronghold Mode & Team Mode & Death Match Mode & Peace Mode & Ghost Mode & Hide And Seek Mode & Battle Royale & Parkour.
3. Detail effects: bullet holes & spark effect…
4. Chat System in game: team chat or all players chat. (With words filter)
5. Weapon System (50+ weapons): AK47, M4, M87T, RPG, AWP, G36K, MP5KA5, UZI, M249, Desert Eagle, M67…with great 3D pixel models & pixel textures! You also can customize your dream weapon by yourself!
6. Maps (20 + system maps & endless custom maps created by players.)

1. Custom weapons: You can battle with some unique guns designed by yourself.
2. Custom maps: Customize an awesome map to play with your friends.
3. Custom Armors: Customizing your cool armors, make you more competitive in battle field!
4. Custom skins: Draw your customized skin in game, now you look epic.

1. Three difficulty setting: Easy, Normal, Hard.
2. Unlock next Difficulty choice with 4 levels.

1. Support up to 12 players worldwide.
2. 5 regions (US, EU, AS, JP, CN)

*** MORE ***
Language localizations: English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, French, German, Korean.
Anti-Cheating process: keep fairness.

Privacy Policy:
Terms of Use:

*** Support & Feedback ***

What's new

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** Major Update **
1. Performance Optimization
- Fix the problems about lag and instable frame rate in the game.
- New setting option "Shadow" for iOS devices. You can experience real-time lighting effects. (Low-end devices are not recommended).

2. Vision Optimization for Map
- Optimize lighting effects.
- Redesign all skyboxes.
- Support real-time lighting effects.

3. System Map Adjustment
- Remove some dissatisfactory maps.
- Redesign the structure and beautify the map.

4. Texture Pack Adjustment
- Remove two paid texture packs. The gems you spent on the purchase of the texture pack will be refunded via email in game.
- Redesign existing texture packs.

5. Sound Optimization
- Improve the 3D sound attenuation mechanism.
- Improve the audio mixer to improve the auditory effect.
- Optimize the sound of footsteps.

6. New Appearance for Following Weapons: Rose, Broken City, Snow Flake, Love For You, Blue Phantom, Tesla P1, Sweet Heart, Break Zero, Assault, Despot, Rudolph.

7. Optimize login process: Fix some problems that caused stuck.

8. Change the font.

** Bug Fix **
1. Further solve the problem about settlement of multiplayer game.

2. Fix more than 10 problems that caused crash.

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Android:7.7 iOS:7.8

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