KartRider: Crazy Racing

KartRider: Crazy Racing


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Developer notes:

A new wave of limit deletion test recruitment is under way, fill in the forum top recruitment Posts quickly

Links are as follows: https://www.taptap.com/topic/5338017

First of all, we need to complete the appointment for the Official Race Edition of Running Kart. Secondly, we need to fill in the recruitment questionnaire carefully. Finally, we can wait for the notice of the letters in the station. The baby quietly tells you that it is easier to choose the partners who often speak in the forum.

also on behalf of the bald half of the program ape brother, the old cocoon lady and sister art to express their position to you, we must strive to make further efforts, as soon as possible to let the game meet you as soon as possible, you can often come to the forum to see the baby, there are also many gods to share the running experience, also count as a fresh taste in advance.~

3.25 Running Card - Baby

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