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小小军团立项于2012年,最初的设计目标是努力在手机上呈现庞大的战争场面(虽然是Q版的)。首个版本2013年8月上线,得到了非常多玩家的喜爱(到现在为止有2500多万人玩过)。众多玩家都爱上了小小军团千军万马的战场,排兵布阵的策略,数量众多的兵种、英雄与技能,很个性的美术风格,休闲的游戏节奏和不花钱/少花钱也能充分体验的游戏乐趣 :( anyway,非常感谢大家的支持。



2015年开始制作的小小军团自身的新版,开发历时超过三年,将在2018年11月15日开始测试,我们带来了一次彻底的进化,更多更新的内容和变化,更激动人心的战场,更沉浸的战斗技巧和策略,更华丽和个性的美术风格,更动人的英雄和传说,更加开放和自由的世界,而且,不会改变我们一贯调性 :)


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With recruiting powerful heroes and leading invincible armies.► ► ► ► ►
Atlas is calling for you! Joining in our legion alliance to fight against Nigel, God of Darkness, and crush his conspiracy!
In the 2D cartoon multiplayer game, you as a lord can create own valiant legion and recruit great heroes, who have been lauded by poets for hundreds years. Those heroes lead troops including cavaliers, magicians, archers and warriors to fight for Balthazar, God of Brightness.
► ► ► ► ►
Amazing battlefield with more than one thousand troops in it:
• Exciting real-time combat, winning the battle after wiping out enemies in the battleground. • Flexible formations available are critical for you to reverse the course of combat.
• Intense and magnificent battles involve a few of legions with great heroes doing almost everything they can to win.
• Delicate and vivid cartoon images with gorgeous and exciting hero skills
► ► ► ► ►
Abundant and interesting game contents:
• Recruit 200 different heroes
• Collect more than 100 powerful items and equipments
• Cultivate 8 kinds of troops with strong sense of reality
• Beat enemies from 400 stages
• Accomplish more than 300 achievements in the game
• Play the game with other lords across the world

What's new

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• Add legion support
-Player can send support request to legion member everyday and legion member can receive energy as a reward after giving such player items.
• Skill adjustment for game balance
• Change the legion battle ranking
• New hero
-Tapster, unit: Mage ( Tavern)
Tarot of destiny: Pick 1 of 3 tarot cards, which are Monster, Priestess and Demon, per{0} and send it to the battle

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Android:8.8 iOS:7.6

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