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Pokémon Rumble Rush

Developer: The Pokemon Company

A world full of uncharted islands! Aided by strong Pokémon and a spirit of discovery, journey through uncharted islands that have many Pokémon! • Enjoy fast-paced gameplay on the go It's easy to control your Pokémon with one hand. Clear stages by controlling your Pokémon as it moves forward. If you see enemy Pokémon, you can attack by just tapping the screen. Tap to engage in exciting gameplay action! • The islands and seas explored during your adventures change every two weeks You may find unfamiliar and stronger Pokémon on new islands. So, journey through various islands and seas and collect more and more Pokémon! • Upgrade Pokémon of your choice You'll sometimes receive ore when you clear a stage. Refine ore to get power gears that you can use to make your Pokémon stronger. You may even be able to refine ore into a summon gear that calls forth a Pokémon to use a powerful move. Use power gears and summon gears to help your favorite Pokémon do well! • Test your strength using the Pokémon you've collected Occasionally, you can earn rewards by working your way through the Super Boss Rush. You'll need many different types of strong Pokémon to win each Super Boss Rush. Harness the power of the Pokémon you've collected from various islands and seas to defeat the powerful Super Bosses. • Devices compatible with Pokémon Rumble Rush Pokémon Rumble Rush is compatible with the following environments: Android 4.4 or higher, Snapdragon 410 or higher Please be aware though that Pokémon Rumble Rush may not function on some devices.



Developer: asobism

■■未体験の超絶ジオラマバトル■■ 城ドラ、ドラポを作った森山スタジオ最新作 某ゲーム誌にて早くも令和元年大本命と話題 ◆-----------------------------------◆ ドラゴンや巨大ロボに仲間と乗ったり エルフや忍者や魔法使いに変身したり ゴブリンやドラキュラを召喚できたりする 新体験リアルタイムアクションストラテジー ◆-----------------------------------◆ 【ゲーム紹介】 ■■遊び尽くせる4種のバトルモード搭載■■ ▲バトルロイヤル~最後まで生き残れ! ▲ガチバトル~リング上で決着をつけろ! ▲攻城バトル~敵の城をガンガン落とせ! ▲ニワトリ泥棒~ニワトリを運んで持ち帰れ! ※社内テスト平均面白指数4.5獲得 (アソビズム調べ) ■■仲間と出会って、つながって一体感■■ ・タッグやトリオ、最大9人の同時対戦ができる! ・部活や、クラスの友達と、共闘や対戦で盛り上がれ! ・全国の仲間と出会える、話せるマッチングシステム! ■■オシャレ心をくすぐるアバターの数々■■ ・モンスターや乗り物などのさまざまなアバターを集めよう! ・自分もいろんなアバターを入手して自由にお着替え! ■■驚くほどのサクサク簡単操作■■ ・指タップだけの簡単操作で、深い戦略バトルが楽しめちゃう! ■■レジェンドクラスを目指せ■■ ・クラスが上がると新しいキャラや乗り物を使えるようになる! ・みんなが憧れるレジェンドクラスのプレイヤーになろう! ■■豪華声優陣に萌えちゃう■■ ・哀川翔 ・上坂すみれ ・梶裕貴 ・茅野愛衣 ・小西克幸 ・関智一 ・浪川大輔 ・能登麻美子 ・平野綾 ・堀江由衣 ・山口勝平 (50音順)  ◆-----------------------------------◆ 【動作環境】 OS7.0以上 【推奨環境】 メモリ4GB以上 【動作端末】 ※上記環境や端末であってもご利用状況や端末特有の要因により、アプリが正常に動作しない可能性もございます。 【お問い合わせ・ご要望】



Developer: Habby

Archer Heroes! Enter a world where existence itself is eliminate you! You are the Lone Archer, the only force able to resist and defeat the oncoming waves of evil. Step up, stack up awesome skills and fight like your life depends on it, for the never-ending waves of enemies will never give up. And remember, once you die... the only way is to start all again! So be careful! Enjoy creating countless combinations of unique skills all designed to help you survive. Crawl your way through different worlds facing relentless monsters and obstacles. Key Features: • Random and unique skills to help you crawl these dungeons. • Explore beautiful worlds and hundreds of maps in this new universe. • Thousands of never-seen-before monsters and mind-boggling obstacles to defeat • Level-up and equip yourself with powerful equipment to increase your stats. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us anytime at:


Godzilla Defense Force

Developer: NEXON Company

"Godzilla Defense Force" is a stand-alone, base management game with TOHO's official IP! Defend famous cities from around the globe against gigantic beasts! Monsters from across the Godzilla series are on the move, and it's up to you to recruit these powerful beasts to save the world! This game features Godzillas and other monsters from 29 different movies, from the original film in 1954 to the present day! Join forces with various allies, like MechaGodzilla and Kaiju! Defeated monsters can be collected as "Monster Cards," which can then be used as "Skills" or "Buffs" in various stages. Defeat and collect Monster Cards to unlock the "Codex," which contains detailed descriptions of all the monsters alongside images from their respective movies! ※Game Features [Godzilla Official IP] - From Godzilla 1954 to the present! Monsters from 29 movies rampage onto your device with this official Godzilla defense clicker game! [City Defense] - Monsters from across Godzilla's lore are attacking major cities! Tokyo, London, and Sydney need your help! Can you defend them against these monsters of legend! [Godzilla Cards] - Obtain and upgrade Godzilla Cards to summon Godzilla during the battle! [Monster Codex] - Learn more about Godzilla and his pantheon of monsters right on your mobile phone! [Multiple Battle Systems] - When you're not defending your city, bolster your forces through lunar colonization and even a special time-traveling mechanic! Godzilla Defense Force is free to play, though some in-game items can also be purchased for real money. You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings. ■ Studio42 Official Forum Check the newest updates and events for Godzilla Defense Force. ■ Terms of Service ■ Privacy Policy ※ This app contains in-app purchases. You can change this from your device settings. ■ App Permissions Information In order to provide the following services, we are requesting certain permissions. [Optional Permission] Save picture/media/file: game installation file, save update file and attach screenshots for customer service Mobile Number: Required to receive promotional texts ※ Service is available even if you do not agree to these permission requests. [How to withdraw access rights] ▶ Android 6.0 or higher: Settings > Applications > Select App > Permissions ▶ Under Android 6.0: Update OS version to retract permissions; Uninstall app ※ If the app does not ask you to grant your permission, manage your permissions by following by the above steps.



Developer: KONAMI

The age when dance becomes familiar and everyone can dance. By dance and killer tricks (appealing cooperation techniques that can bring out originality) Competition "Dunkira" fighting for victory and defeat is a great fever in the whole world! Dankira is broadcast to the world, It is a competition dance entertainment where the one who attracted more audiences wins. People all over the world aim at charisma and danki la meister in the world of dankira, We are developing hot dankila every day with the team members that I trust, the rivals who scatter sparks, .... ▼ △ Story ▼ ▼ "The story of the wolf" of the boys who dedicated youth to Dunkila The stage is a learning place for young people who aim for Dankira la meister "Present, Hongzuru Gakuen Junior High School". “Gold students” selected from thousands of student dancers who attend school Sometimes we compete and sometimes work together to improve our dankila technology. “You” who attends the coach course is through Dankira and everyday life We aim to bring them into full-time dancers and walk with them. Now, in front of your eyes the feelings and bonds of the boys burn up ▼ △ game ▼ ▼ 【Danquila (Dance Battle)】 Choose 3 of the 15 unique dancers to form a team and win in Dunkila! If you are not good at games, you can proceed with the autoplay function. 【story】 ・ Adolescent tale “main story” struggling with fellows aiming for the top of Danquila ・ "Card Story" where you can see dancers' school life, private life, and exchanges among dancers ・ "Seoul link story" which can be seen by raising [the degree of connection of souls] of your favorite dancer pair ・ "Event Story" that can be enjoyed by advancing events for a limited time Let's look at various stories and see the real faces and relationships of dancers!


SNK All Star

Developer: 37GAMES

SNKオールスターは『THE KING OF FIGHTERS '98 ULTIMATE MATCH』、『THE KING OF FIGHTERS 2002 UNLIMITED MATCH』、『サムライスピリッツ 天草降臨』、『幕末浪漫 月華の剣士』等の作品を基に、SNKの人気キャラクターをカード連撃、能力継承、次元探索等の遊び方を取り入れた格闘RPGスマホゲームです。懐かしいストーリーを一風変わった戦闘システムで楽しめます。 *覚醒!最強の格闘家の育成: ゲーム内には戦魂システムがあり、格闘家はそれぞれ独自の天賦スキルがあります。さらに他の格闘家に継承させる事もでき、プレイヤーは自分だけの格闘家を育て上げることができます。 *コンボ!必殺技の再現: 格闘家達の奥義スキルを美麗に再現、新しいKOF対決の中では、戦略こそがカギ!奥義1、2、3、のスキルを組み合わせ、必殺技でケリをつけよう。 *空前絶後!コラボレーションKOF大会開幕: 草薙京、覇王丸、楓...SNK歴代人物大集合、サムライスピリッツ、月華の剣士がKOFの世界に出現、いったいどんなストーリーが待ち受けているのか、オロチを封印できるのか、草薙京の新たな挑戦はどうなるのでしょう? *無限!新たな次元の探索: 封神之道に挑戦し、KOFから別の次元へ。ここではランダム出現する格闘家達からオリジナルチームを組み、未知なる世界を探索します。装備収集、バフ獲得、敵に挑戦、K’のような強敵が出現することも…。


Animal Rescue 3D

Developer: VOODOO



【メモリン】メモリーズ・オブ・リンク 超美麗♪着せ替え×リズムゲーム

Developer: レジーナエンターテインメント(株)

~運命に導かれし歌姫たちを、育てて踊らせる!超美麗!キセカエ&リズムゲーム~ 「メモリーズ・オブ・リンク(メモリン)」は、個性的な歌姫たちとの絆を紡ぐ、誰でも遊べるカンタン操作のリズムゲームです。 【歌姫たちとともに歩む物語】 ≪奏での心≫を持つあなたは、運命をつなぐ者・リンカー。 5人の歌姫たちと過去を取り戻し、未来を切りひらこう! 【歌姫たちとのコミュニケーション】 歌姫たちにプレゼントを贈ったり、コミュニケーションをして仲良くなれる。 絆が深まるとさらにいいことがあるかも? 【多彩な楽曲】 メモリンオリジナル楽曲や、誰もが知る有名曲のカバーなどを数多く収録し、 さらに続々と追加予定!収録されている楽曲をいくつか紹介! 「残酷な天使のテーゼ」 「Redo」 「極楽浄土」 「太陽系デスコ」 【美しく描かれた世界へ】 歌姫たちには、魅力的な声優を起用し、フルボイスでストーリーが展開。 歌姫・舞魂(まいこん)は、描きおろしの美麗なイラストで描かれる。 幻想的な美しい世界と、その世界を彩る歌姫たちとの生活を楽しもう! 【ダンスと振付】 トップクラスのダンサーによるモーションキャプチャーを採用し、 ダンスシーンでは、3Dで表現されたハイクオリティなダンスを歌姫たちが披露! さらに振付を組み合わせて、自分だけのオリジナルダンスも作れちゃう。 作ったダンスはゲーム内で発信できるので、いろんなダンスを作って人気振付師にもなれる!? 【衣装のコーデ】 歌姫たちの衣装もカスタマイズ可能! いろいろな衣装を集めて、あなただけの歌姫をコーディネート! 【ステージを発信】 メモリンオリジナル楽曲で踊る歌姫たちを、SNSで発信しよう! あなたのコーディネートした歌姫たちとのダンスを、みんなに見せて気分はプロデューサー!? 【公式サイト】 【公式twitter】@memo_link 【推奨OS】Android4.4以降。 ※ 動作保証対象外ですが、対応OS以外でもご利用いただける場合がございます。 【対応言語】本アプリの言語は日本語のみに対応しています。


Fatal Bullet - FPS Gun Shooting Game

Developer: Alcott

The evil enemy are invading your homeland! Stand out and fight for the world peace! Defeat the enemy in the bullet rain! Features: - Amazing game scenes and realistic sound effects! - Rich weapons: Multiple kinds of weapons- pistol, rifle, machine gun, snipe rifle, heavy machine gun… each weapon can be upgraded to a higher level! Select the weapon you love and fight in the battlefield that belongs to you only! - Various modes: Mainline task mode, survival mode, daily challenge mode, BOSS challenge… Mainline mode: complete various mainline tasks and gain huge rewards! Survival mode: survive to the end in the combat with endless coming enemies! Daily challenge mode: you can try special weapons in this mode and experience the amazing power! You will get huge rewards in the BOSS levels and special task mode. But only those who are really good at shooting can pass! - No Wi-Fi? No problem! You can enjoy the game anywhere, any time! - Suitable for all cellphones with Android systems over 4.0 version!


Color Hole 3D

Developer: Good Job Games

Once again, your newest addiction comes in 3D! Very easy to play, too hard to master Clear the board & do not pull other Colors in, that is it! 100+ Levels of limitless fun!



Developer: LINE Corporation

Venture into the yummy world of cooking together with Brown! All kinds of food from all over the world is calling you! Brown has a dream... A dream to have his own restaurant! All you gotta do is tap! Serve up some delicious dishes and help Brown make his dreams come true! ◆LINE CHEF Features◆ ▶Many kinds of ways to play, such as Like, Serve, and Score stages! ▶Use Coins you get in stages to upgrade and kick your cooking into high gear! ▶Get big Combos for crazy Coins! ▶Let your cute Buddies help you out in the kitchen! ▶Send Chocolates to friends and you'll get little gifts! Have a blast becoming the best chef with your favorite LINE characters here in LINE CHEF! Go download it now!



Developer: Big Fish Games

迪士尼•皮克斯的《玩具总动员》世界仅在这款玩具总动员主题的移动游戏中呈现,包括即将上映的《玩具总动员4》!帮助胡迪、巴斯和你心爱的新老角色们,一步步解锁他们的故事,你的冒险足迹将会穿梭在电影中的经典场景地点,比如安迪的房间、披萨星球和更多有趣场景在你前进的过程中,克服超级强大的困难,清除解决数百个惊险好玩的三消关卡。收集并组装拥有独家主角主题的玩具套装,进入想象中的世界 ,解锁全新的奖励场景冒险。带着你指尖的《玩具总动员》魔法,在三消世界里,“我是你的好朋友!” 游戏特色: • 探索迪士尼•皮克斯《玩具总动员》系列,包括《玩具总动员4》在内的经典场景地点 • 召唤玩具道具来帮助你过关,用“抓手”来交换游戏单品,用“外星人飞碟”吸走需要清除的单品,用“神奇画板”随机打乱整个游戏版面获得更佳组合 • 在游戏的互动进程地图上,点击并发现有趣的彩蛋惊喜 • 打通关卡,收集以胡迪警长、太空游侠巴斯和牛仔姑娘翠丝等等为主角的玩具套装 • 搜集完成玩具套装,解锁比如“胡迪大战邪恶猪排博士”等奖励情景关卡 • 帮助玩具们在安迪从牛仔营返回前各自归位,把掉队在披萨星球的火腿救回来,还有更多精彩情节 • 和你最爱的角色们克服每一个益智关卡的强大障碍 • 随着你在游戏中打通关卡,故事将慢慢展开 需要帮助吗?只需要轻轻点击一下! 找到我们! • 在Facebook上加入我们—— • 在Instagram上了解更多关于《玩具总动员大世界!》的内容—— • 在Twitter上分享—— Big Fish使用条款: © Disney/Pixar


Hashiriya Drifter

Developer: 狂った開発者

Hashiriya Drifter (走り屋 - Street Racing) - from 80-90' Japan car culture. The game inspired by oldschool street drifting in early japan with deep custiomization and ability to build a car from scratch! Dismountable chassis and suspension! Realistic car damage! Over 100 parts for 1 car! It has very cool drifting physics ideal for touge street drifting! Follow Instagram page for updates!


Otome Kagura ~Zambi no Requiem~

Developer: gumi Inc.

The 3rd title of Nogizaki46's "Zambi Project". Otome Kagura ~Zambi no Requiem~ is a Post-apocalyptic RPG set in a ruined Tokyo. The game will feature members of Nogizaka46 who will travel with the protagonist on a survival adventure. During the adventure, players will be able to raise their affinity with each member.



Developer: mobcast

大人気プロ野球ゲーム「モバプロ」「モバプロ2レジェンド」に続く、2019年新作プロ野球シミュレーションゲームが登場! 野球の知識と試合中の采配で、監督としての力量を全国に見せつけよう! アクション要素は一切なし!勝負の分け目は試合中の「采配選択」! 監督として最強オーダーを編成し、的確な采配で劇的勝利を演出しよう! プロ野球12球団の選手が実名実写で登場! ★パ・リーグ★ 福岡ソフトバンクホークス 埼玉西武ライオンズ 東北楽天ゴールデンイーグルス オリックス・バファローズ 北海道日本ハムファイターズ 千葉ロッテマリーンズ ★セ・リーグ★ 広島東洋カープ 阪神タイガース 横浜DeNAベイスターズ 読売ジャイアンツ 中日ドラゴンズ 東京ヤクルトスワローズ ~~劇的采配!プロ野球リバーサル(劇プロ)とは~~ 現役のプロ野球選手が実名実写で登場! 「劇プロ」独自の采配システムで、キミの監督としての手腕が問われる基本無料のプロ野球戦略シミュレーションゲーム! 知識と采配でプロ野球ゲームNo.1の監督を目指そう! ■監督となって劇的采配を演出! 試合中の操作は「采配選択」のみ! 試合状況に応じて采配を選択するだけの簡単操作で、実際のプロ野球監督のようにチームを劇的勝利に導こう! ■プロ野球12球団の選手が実名実写で登場! 登場する選手は全て実名実写!さらに実際のプロ野球の試合データを活用!リアルな能力の選手達で最強オーダーを編成しよう! ~~劇的采配!プロ野球リバーサル(劇プロ)の遊び方~~ ■選手育成 選手は強化アイテムを使用したり、試合をすることでレベルアアップ! 自分好みの選手に育てよう! ■球会 球会に入り、仲間とのコミュニティで盛り上がろう! さらに球会限定のミッションやショップでチーム強化ををしよう! ■全国対戦 プレイヤーが拠点として選択した各都道府県から始まる 地域リーグを勝ち抜き、全国を目指そう! 日本各地のトッププレイヤーと対戦し、全国制覇を目指せ! ■対戦リーグ 自動でマッチング・試合が進行! 上位リーグへの昇格を目指し豪華アイテムを獲得しよう! ■スターチャレンジ 試合内容に応じて獲得できるスターを集めステージクリアを目指そう!ステージ進行に応じて育成のための経験値や様々な報酬が獲得できる! ~~劇的采配!プロ野球リバーサル(げきぷろ)はこんな方にお勧め~~ ・アクション要素よりも戦略性の高さを求められるプロ野球ゲームを探している方。 ・ぷろ野球の監督として好きな選手を集めて、オリジナルの球団を作りたい方。 ・野球げーむ「モバプロ」や「モバプロ2レジェンド」が好きで、プレイしたことがある方 ・無料で手軽にプレイできる野球ゲームやスポーツゲームを探している方。 ・監督の力量が問われるぷろやきゅうの采配シミュレーションを楽しみたい方。 ・プロ野球の速報や選手成績はマメにチェックしていて、やきゅうの知識に自信がある方。 ・自分が監督やぷろのやきゅう選手になったつもりで采配を考えながら観るのが野球の醍醐味だと思う方。 ・毎年、全国高等学校野球選手権大会(甲子園)の試合結果の速報は、欠かさずチェックしている方。 ・甲子園出場経験のある現役ぷろ野球選手のデータに詳しい方。 ・好きなプロ野球球団(西武、ソフトバンク、日本ハム、オリックス、ロッテ、楽天、広島、ヤクルト、巨人、DeNA、中日、阪神など)の選手を集めて、ゲキプロで再現したい方。 ・プロ野球球団(西武、ソフトバンク、日本ハム、オリックス、ロッテ、楽天、広島、ヤクルト、巨人、DeNA、中日、阪神など)の試合を観戦するのが好きな方。 ・好きなプロ野球球団(西武、ソフトバンク、日本ハム、オリックス、ロッテ、楽天、広島、ヤクルト、巨人、DeNA、中日、阪神など)選手を集めて、全国の球団と対戦(vs)したい方。 ・子供の頃、ぷろ野球球団(西武、ソフトバンク、日本ハム、オリックス、ロッテ、楽天、広島、ヤクルト、巨人、DeNA、中日、阪神など)に入団するのが夢だった方。 ・自分が好きなプロ野球球団(西武、ソフトバンク、日本ハム、オリックス、ロッテ、楽天、広島、ヤクルト、巨人、DeNA、中日、阪神など)の監督となって、全国対戦(vs)で一位を目指したい方。 ・好きなぷろやきゅう選手を集めて、最強のオーダーを編成したい方。 ・現役のプロ野球選手を自分好みに育成できる野球ゲームやスポーツゲームを探している方。 ・プロ野球選手や監督になる夢をぷろやきゅうゲームで叶えたい方。 ・野球ゲームの試合中に監督として采配を振るい、げきてきに勝利する爽快感を味わいたい方。 ・監督となって、自分の持っている野球データをフルに活用して、采配を楽しみたい方。 ・監督として采配がハマった時の爽快感をげきぷろで味わいたい方。 ・逆転サヨナラ満塁ホームランのようなげきてきな展開をぷろ野球げーむで再現したい方。 ・基本無料で最後まで遊べる野球ゲームを探している。 一般社団法人 日本野球機構承認 / 株式会社共同通信デジタル ※一部コンテンツは有料です。 推奨OS Android8.0以上


Idle Grass Cutter

Developer: ZPLAY Games

Always wanted to own a perfect grass-cutter that would cut all the grass around in a satisfying manner ? Now you have opportunity to do it! Buy tons of colorful grass-cutters you have always wanted in our brand new grass-cutter idle game. Best contemplative gameplay ever. If you want cut some grass by yourself don't stop just do it!


EXiTS - Room Escape Game


□■Our escape games hits 10,000,000+ downloads!■□ Solve the hidden mysteries and escape from the rooms. Exits is the stage clear-type escape game.If you can not solve the mystery, you can see the hint.You can play easily even if you are beginners. New stage will be added from time to time! [Features] · A lot of beautiful stages. · You can play free all stages. · Beginners also can play easily. [How to escape] · Tap the screen to examine the place. · Select items by tapping. · Use the selected item on a suspicious place. · Get a hint by tapping the hint button . *If you uninstall this app,you lose coins you have.Please take care. twitter : @HarukiRyohei instagram:@nakayubi_corp


Mega Punch - Top Boxing Game

Developer: Ronniepmxu

Boxing! One of the oldest and most interesting sport, brings more than anger and pain to boxers, as well as excitement, joy, and fierce confrontation! Stand on the stage of boxing and punch out! Beat your opponent with your fists! A big test for your time, speed, strength, and patience! Game features: 1. Realistic actions and real boxing scenes 2. Adopt the turn-based system to win higher scores by constantly matching different opponents 3. Unlock more clubs 4. Recruit stronger fighters 5. Amazing picture and sound effects Gameplay: The tutorial can take you to the game quickly 1. Tap the screen to make a right or left straight punch 2. Swipe left or right to make uppercuts 3. Slide the left and right sides up to make an uppercut 4. Press and hold the sides of the screen for defense work 5. Swipe down to dodge Come join the boxing club! Use your fist to conquer this stage! Be the champion!


Tricky Ball : Draw line tricky game

Developer: Alcott

Feel the purest happiness in the most interesting game! Feel the rhythm of the lines and draw the most beautiful patterns! Complete your mission goals! Gameplay: Perfectly use all kinds of physical rules to draw all kinds of beautiful lines. Avoid various obstacles and successfully complete your mission! - Try various novel paintings: Collect all kinds of small balls and different colors of ink to create everything! Feel the joy of creation and share it with your friends. Let them see the artwork you created! - Simple rules and diverse levels! The game is simple to operate. The gameplay is very interesting, and it can greatly stimulate your interest! - The game is suitable for players of all ages to play! - Suitable for players who love casual games! - The pack is small and it’s easy to download!


Hello Hero: Epic Battle

Developer: Fincon

From the makers of Hello Hero, a game that has topped the charts in 49 countries and is played by over 20 million people around the globe, comes its newest installment – HELLO HERO EPIC BATTLE Set years after the original battle for Armon, a new group of Heroes are here to join forces with the Heroes of old and battle the dark forces of the Keronic! Recruit over 100 Heroes and fight in multiple modes and stages to become the Top Guardian of Armon! Key Features: • Over 100 Customizable Heroes! • Stunning 3D Graphics and Gameplay • Various Modes to Fight in (Adventure Mode, Expedition, Conquest, World Boss, Battlefield, and plenty more!) • Immersive storyline filled with eccentric environments and characters • Unlock Ultimate skills and unleash the Hero’s full potential • Smart Toy figures with exclusive boosts and rewards PLEASE NOTE! HELLO HERO EPIC BATTLE™ is completely free to play, however some game items can also be purchased for real money. Note: * A network connection is required to play * 1.6GB RAM Memory required to run the game Languages Supported: *English *Thai *Vietnamese *Indonesian *Chinese (Simplified & Traditional) Like us on facebook: Join us on plug: Watch us on YouTube:


Stick Warriors: Super Battle War Fight

Developer: ONESOFT

Stick Warriors: Super Battle War Fight - The best action game 2019 on Google Play. In this game, you will in Stickman Warriors role and fight with big bosses of dragon, the most dangerous enemies in universe. Your enemies will upgrade their power each level (Level a - z ), and … they will absolute make you hard to win. You must fight against 1 enemies, but sometime you will must fight with many enemies at the same time. We believe you will love this fight way. if you want to win, you must upgrade your hero to higher Super Stickman Warriors Level. Many skills to perform in game : Kami Blast, Enegry Bullet, Shadow Attack, Ki Blast Ball 2,3,4…. and so many other skills. You will collect many coins after complete each level. And you can use that coins to bring the strongest stick warriors to your team. ********************* FEATURES ********************* • Easy to play game and Easy to control. • 20 Super stick levels with amazing graphics. • 50+ bosses with 100+ skills. • Many challenges each level • Many characters to collect and upgrade. Download game for free on Google Play right now.


Arena of Evolution: Chess Heroes

Developer: xiaojiao zhang

The world's popular Auto Chess is coming! Want to play RTS games but not good at micro-management? Want to play card games but the scene is not refreshing? Control your hero and crush your enemies! Features: -A huge number of heroes. All can be upgraded! More than 60 heroes are available, each with three upgrades! -WINNER WINNER,CHICKEN DINNER! Defeat all enemies, live to the end, get high rewards! -Brainstorm to defeat your enemies! A variety of professional racial collocations, researching your lineup. -Set your heroes free on the wide field! Make your army unbeatable!Freely arrange the position of the hero on the board, create a dedicated formation, defeat the enemy with your strategy -Start matching anytime, anywhere, and have a brainstorming match with players all over the world! If you are encountering any problem, please contact us through our facebook fanpage:


Escape game: Car maintenance factory

Developer: NEAT ESCAPE

[END:2] Let's escape from the car maintenance factory. Search for items and hints to escape! Each situation will require to combine items and find the right actions. · Tap to select item · While item is selected, tap again to enlarge. Menu BGM · · · BGM ON / OFF, adjust the music volume Save · · · Save Game. (There is no auto save function) HINT · · · BBS or Walkthrough video. Follow · · Stay updated on the latest app news You can clear it by watching the walkthrough video from the hint. All levels are free to play



Developer: NETEASE

◆選択で分岐するマルチエンディング展開! 100万字を超えるシナリオ群は、 プレイヤーの選択により分岐を行い 七日後に必ずエンディングが訪れる! プレイしたシナリオの結果は全て記録され、 プレイ実績として、エンディング結果を保存! ◆シナリオを彩るキャラクター! 豪華声優陣がキャラクターに命を吹き込む! 個性豊かなキャラクター達が続々登場! 各キャラクターとの個別エピソードを攻略して、 アルバムCGをコンプリートしよう! キャラクターの身に纏う衣装は、染色と模様を変更可能! 自分だけの衣装に染め上げよう! ◆個性的なスキルでアクションバトル! 各キャラクターの所有するオリジナル神器は、 多彩なスキルを発動可能! 最大3人のキャラクターを組み合わせて戦おう! キャラクターと敵には属性相性あり! 有利な属性のキャラクターを出陣させて、 バトルステージを攻略しよう! ◆シナリオ ある日突如として現れた異界と通じる穴、 黒門『ブラックゲート』 黒門からは未知のモンスターが現れ、 人々はその生活を脅かされていた。 『神器』と呼ばれる専用の武器を扱う 『神器使い』たち、 そして、神器使いの強化、治療、覚醒といった 類まれなサポート能力を持つ『指揮使い』は、 境界線都市を守るため、 日々戦いを繰り広げていた。 数多くの神器使いたちと巡り合い、 掛け替えのない仲間たちと協力しながら、 やがて知ることになる。 今直面しているモンスターの脅威以上に、 得体の知れぬ暗雲が この街に押し寄せている事を・・・ ■お問い合わせ ご不明な点がございましたら、 までお問い合わせいただければ幸いです。 どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。 ■その他 [推奨端末] Android4.4以上(RAM2.0GB以上) ※一部端末を除きます ダウンロードに時間がかかる場合がございます。 Wi-Fi環境でのダウンロードをお奨めします。




◆ Caution Your data will be reset if you change your device or delete the game. Please login on the game and Save the game data before doing so. ◆ Features - Interesting characters and stories - Survival, open-world style - A variety of character decorations and gun modifications - 20+ playable characters - 60+ weapons and armors based on real-life references - Randomly generated maps and sub missions - Form and grow your troops - Futuristic combats using AI and drones. ▶ Bad 2 Bad: Extinction Details Bad 2 Bad: Extinction is a sequel of Bad 2 Bad: Delta, back with more stories and a variety of contents. Extinction covers the story after you defeat Gorat al-Llama's terrorist organization, Al-Qatala, and discover humans behind them. Here, you will engage in a war against the Tailless Legion - humans - as the B2B Delta Team. ■ Introducing the 5 forces In Bad 2 Bad: Extinction, a total of 5 different forces are introduced as your new enemy - zombies called Wilders(WD), Purebloods(PS), Underdogs(UD), Amazoness(AZ), and the Tailless Legion(TL). Each forces have their own characteristics and stories. ■ Struggle for Survival While searching for your main target in the mission field full of Wilders to proceed with campaigns by force, you can also play the game with more freedom in randomly generated maps and clearing sub missions to collect items and/or get rewards. ■ Character and Firearm Customization You can modify your gun and decorate your character as much as you want. More weapons, equipment, costumes, and more characters are coming soon. ■ Form Your Own Special Force In Extinction, you can organize and grow your own unit. Each enemies have different attack patterns and characteristics. If you get stuck, try upgrading your equipment and changing the tactics. ■ Weapon Skills and Proficiency In order to use weapons other than your main weapon effectively, you must learn the respective weapon skills. Learn the skill and increase the proficiency levels to get buffs such as increased attack power, less durability↓, reload speed up, and headshot accuracy. ■ Intensive Converging Fire & Drone Attacks Use the Converging Fire and Drone(DR-6L) attacks effectively to overcome the cr***. Air Drone(DR-2A) doesn't have an attacking feature, but it will difinitely come in handy. ◆ Developer Contact Information: ◆ DAWiNSTONE Facebook:


Namuami - UTENA -

Developer: DMMGAMES

Utena is a modern-day RPG mobile game where the story revolves a group of demons who disturb the peace of our civilization. To fend off this invasion, you’ll have the option to choose between many buddha warriors and fight for the sake of mankind.



Developer: oridio

Have fun excavating fossils and create your own museum! One day, I was entrusted with a disused museum. I discover dinosaur fossils and enjoy putting them together piece by piece. I'm glad to see an increasing amount of surprised and happy visitors. Looks like this will be a fantastic museum! (How to play) - Create an exhibition stand. Create an exhibition stand to display your fossils. Gradually restore and develop the run down museum. - Set out to excavate fossils. Discover fossils to display in the exhibition stand. You can choose your dig site from the map. Enjoy wondering about what kind of dinosaur fossil you will unearth! Please the visitors to the museum by collecting and assembling every part of the fossils. - Raise your level. Raise the level of your museum. Eventually you will receive many visitors. Raise the level of your character. You can increase the number of excavations. Raise the level of your pickaxe. This widens the range of rocks that you can destroy. - Collect fossils. You can collect your fossils in the storehouse and install your preferred fossils wherever you like. (However, some fossils cannot be displayed depending on the type of exhibition stand.) - Earn money. Visitors will pay to come and see your fossils. The amount of money they spend will vary depending on the type of customer and their satisfaction level (based on the state of your fossil collection.) With the money you earn you can fund excavations, make exhibition stands, and level up. If you save a lot of money, you may even be able to purchase a new museum! (Future updates are planned.) Enjoy a fun museum management game with puzzle-like fossil excavations and simple controls! You will always be excitedly anticipating your next fossil discovery! Collect many fossils, and aim to create your own wonderful museum with cute pixel art characters that move around!


Castle Wreck

Developer: VOODOO

Do you want to relax before work or school? Maybe you need some stress relief from the world? Or perhaps you just simply want to destroy stuff? If you answered yes to any of these questions you should get this game. If you answered no, then you should also get this game and find your own reason of why you need to play it. In this game you get to shoot cannons, destroy castles and watch it all fall down! All from the safe space of your own mobile device. Tap to aim horizontally, tap again to aim vertically and the cannon will shoot by itself. 100% satisfaction guaranteed! 100% historically accurate! * * Disclaimer: we are not actually guaranteeing anything and we are also not sure if it's historically accurate.


脱出ゲーム 猫のいる部屋からの脱出

Developer: Room's Room

●操作はタップのみです。 ●アイテムを2回タップして、アイテムの詳細を確認することができます。 ●オートセーブ機能付き ※空き容量によってセーブができない場合があるのでご注意ください。 ●1END ●最後まで無料で遊べます。 効果音素材:ポケットサウンド –


Baby Panda’s Pet House Design

Developer: BabyBus Kids Games

Search for "BabyBus" for even more free panda games for you to try! Baby Panda has 6 pets: Rabbit, hippo, cow, chicken, octopus, and penguin, and he decides to design a house for each pet. Would you like to help Baby Panda and his pets? Come to Baby Panda’s Pet House and design pretty, comfortable houses for pets! STEP 1: DESIGN THE SHAPES Design a carrot house for the rabbit. Design a milk bottle house for the cow. Design an eggshell house for the chicken… STEP 2: PROCESS THE MATERIALS Use a crane to pull up the carrot and trim the root. Piece together the broken eggshells and seal the cracks with cement. Use a shovel to clean shells and seaweed off the can… STEP 3: BUILD THE HOUSES Pile up ice pops and stick them together with ice cream to build a wall! Cover the wall with ice, then install a door and windows, and the penguin has a home! STEP 4: DECORATE THE HOUSES Decorate the can house with shark teeth, tail and fin; Paint the wall with a mix of milk and colorful fruit juice; Use lollipops, milk bottles, windmills and balloons to make the house prettier! Baby Panda’s pets all have their own houses. Thank you for being great architects! FEATURES: - Choose between 6 cute pets: Rabbit, hippo, cow, chicken, octopus, and penguin. - Design 6 special houses for pets: Carrot house, milk bottle house, eggshell house, ice pops house... - Identify 10+ tools and learn how to use them: Wrench, hammer, electric saw and more! - Inspire imagination and creativity with 20+ ornaments. - Easy to use: Just simple touch and drag items wherever you want. About BabyBus ————— At BabyBus, we dedicate ourselves to sparking kids' creativity, imagination and curiosity,and designing our products through the kids' perspective to help them explore the world on their own. Now BabyBus offers a wide variety of products, videos and other educational content for over 250 million fans from ages 0-8 around the world! We have produced more than 150 children's educational games, 700 children's songs, and animations of various themes spanning the arts, health, and science. ————— Contact us: Visit us:

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